Ummm.... yay?
This is the (very) temporary homepage of AppTweak. It isn't really done. Can you tell?


AppTweak is an editor for your GNOME GConf registry. If you're not running GNOME, you don't want it, so go away. If you are running GNOME, then you probably don't want it anyway.

Basically, this thing acts something like the Windows' "regedit" program, except that it doesn't suck quite so much. It allows you to change values in your GConf registry - this means that you can get access to functionality that has no configuration in the UI (ie. Galeon's user agent string), but it also means that you can probably do some quite serious harm. It's not likely to hose your hard drive, but I'm not making any guarantees.


Not much...

To do

So much...


A random screenshot of AppTweak


The code is currently very new, and very unpleasant. It will be substantially cleaned up, hopefully in the near future.

Download source packages here


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